We’re Back!

Last Minute Catch

Last Minute Catch

Howdy, all!

It’s been a while. Since my last post I’ve graduated, landed my first “real job,” and got myself engaged. I’m currently a staff writer for a few local newspapers and get to take news photographs each day. I can’t promise that I’ll update this site frequently but I wanted to share the first photograph I’ve taken for my own enjoyment in a good long while.

I’ve enjoyed going back through some of the photographs from the beginning of my interest in the hobby/activity/career/adventure. I almost cringed at post-processing and framing in some shots – but it’s all part of the journey. I’m proud of this little slice of cyberspace and hope you’ll all continue to grow with me. Photography’s part of my career, but I can’t get away from grabbing the camera and heading out when I can. I don’t think photography will ever bore me.

I’m recovering from surgery complications, so I was glad to have the opportunity to shuffle out of the basement for something beyond a doctor’s appointment. Many thanks to my fiance and brother for pulling me along.

Oh. There’s not actually a fish on the line… (don’t tell my brother).

Happy Easter… More to come.





Bre needed some shots of for a class project.  This is one from the lot!

Yes, before you say anything, I’m aware that this is $5 wine.  Cheers!

(More to come)




From our trip to Film Streams!  Although the outing was required by class, I still had a great time.  I’ll be sure to return.

I’ve never taken a serious stab at night photography.  I hope you like my initial attempt!  I had some issues holding myself still against a wall, the only stability I could find, but the photograph seemed to turn out alright.

More 2 Come.


I’m posting this photograph simply because it has issues.  Notice how the edges have a slim black border?  The 55-200mm lens seems to be creating the issue.  I’ll post again when I figure out what’s going on.  Maybe some of you will have fun with this picture anyway!



More to come!

California 2010

Absolute Serenity

Absolute Serenity

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated this blog!  Camp has kept me extremely busy!

I have finally landed a chance to look at some of my shots from California.  All I have to say is WOW.  The 35mm lens is astounding.  Learning to walk around for composition taught me a lot.  In addition, it allowed me to discover angles and perspectives I never would have found!

Hopefully the slight lull in activity will allow for some extra posting this week.  For now, please enjoy this shot from outside of Mammoth.

Edits – Tweaked and enhanced blues, greens and browns.

More to come


Perry Wedding 2010

Perry Wedding 2010

PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW AT A HIGHER RESOLUTION – WordPress didn’t care for the larger file

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything!  All of the pictures above were taken during my girlfiend’s sister’s wedding.  It was quite the day, as I was also running around as an usher!

The bride and groom had a professional photographer take their actual wedding photos, I just my hand with some of the other elements of the event.  While I found the changing lighting to be detrimental, I am pleased with my finished product.

For the arrangement, I used InDesign.  All other edits were accomplished via Photoshop.

Enjoy, and more to come.